January 9, 2012

Attorney Richard F. Friedman will participate as a panel speaker for the “Real Estate and Land Use Litigation” seminar scheduled for March 1st in Chicago downtown. Friedman also is a Program Co-Chair for this event. The one-day seminar, sponsored by the Law Seminars International, will address important evolutions in Illinois land use law.

Panel speakers will represent most respected Illinois land use practitioners who will share practical tips and strategies aimed at any one involved in commercial real estate or land use litigation in Illinois. Key seminar topics include the Illinois Supreme Court's adoption of the Kirby Rule requiring as-of-taking valuation, the ramifications of the trend in zoning away from the traditional LaSalle standards and SLAPP suits, the emergence of fairness hearings as a community participation and protection tool, and ethical issues related to the new discovery rules and the use of appraisers.

Click here to view Friedman’s presentation.




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