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Neal & Leroy, LLC is nationally recognized for its experience and knowledge in the area of eminent domain and condemnation. Since the firm's founding in 1938, Neal & Leroy has represented municipalities, special districts, and state entities in consistently acquiring approximately 350 land parcels per year for public projects. The firm also represents landowners in cases of government takings.

We have acquired large projects, including the assembly of over 650 parcels for the O'Hare Modernization Project; the land acquisition for the Chicago Transit Authority Green, Orange, Brown, Red, and Blue Transit lines; and other projects. Our attorneys have been instrumental in assembling large tracts of land for other major projects, including McCormick Place, the United Center, White Sox Park, Midway Airport, and countless schools, police stations, fire stations, libraries, parks and open space, and commercial development projects. 

Neal & Leroy negotiated the purchase of relocation for the historic Harriet F. Rees House, which moved a block north to make way for expanded facilities near McCormick Place. Our attorneys obtained the necessary local, state, and federal approvals related to the historic preservation of the building and assembled an experienced team to move the house. The move took place over two days on November 11-12, 2014.

We provide important administrative services to our clients in managing large acquisition projects such as those for airports and sports facilities. We offer guidance regarding federal requirements, manage the relocation reimbursement process, report on progress, assist in the management and control of payouts, and assist in completing the assembly for the project.

In addition, we have managed a quick take for individual and multiple parcel projects, advising governmental bodies on securing quick take and managing the special expedited process.

We believe that no other law firm in the state of Illinois has litigated the acquisition of more individual real estate properties on behalf of public entities. Over the past fifteen years, we have represented in court proceedings such public bodies as the City of Chicago, Public Building Commission of Chicago, Chicago Board of Education, Illinois Medical District, Chicago Transit Authority ("CTA"), the Chicago Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, Capital Development Board, Illinois Sports Facilities Authorities, Village of Oak Park, City of Berwyn, City of Des Plaines, City of Park Ridge, and City of Burr Ridge with respect to acquisitions ranging in size from single parcel to hundreds of parcels. We have also represented other public officials in Cook County and municipalities including the City of Evanston, the City of Countryside, the City of Riverdale, the City of Hodgkins, and the City of Mount Prospect.

Experienced Litigator 

Neal & Leroy has extensive experience litigating a wide range of contested matters on behalf of both public and private sector clients. The firm has been a leader in the law of property valuation, land use and public use law with our experienced litigators having completed over 200 jury trials, and as many as 50 bench trials per year in both federal and state courts.

We have litigated complex legal issues, including those involving the acquisition of railroad rights-of-way, as well as intangible property interests such as routes of private bus lines and landmark properties.

The firm has recently represented a Fortune 100 company in the defense of a land acquisition by the State of Illinois, and the firm has also defended another corporate client in an eminent domain claim initiated by the United States government.

Lecturer, Teacher, and Author 

Members of Neal & Leroy have been highly recognized for over 20 years for their frequent teaching, writing, and lecturing on multiple eminent domain topics to the bar and to non-lawyers. Those topics include "Depositions of Expert Witnesses in a Condemnation Matter," "Evolving Standards for Just Compensation-Emerging Issues," "Federal Practice - A Parallel Universe," "Introduction to Eminent Domain Law," " Eminent Domain for Economic Development and the New Eminent Domain Act," "The New Illinois Eminent Domain Act," "Eminent Domain - New Court Decisions and Regulations are Changing the Traditional Rules," "Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation," "Illinois Eminent Domain Practice," and many others.

A member of the firm teaches historic preservation law in the graduate program of the School of the Art of Institute of Chicago and at the University of Chicago Law School. Five members of the firm serve as adjunct professors of law at the University of Illinois College of Law and teach a real estate practicum to third year law students.

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